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Thread: Reverse Image Search.

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    Reverse Image Search.

    Not sure if this is the right place for my question..

    Can anyone recommend a good reverse image search engine? I've taken pic's of vintage items that I'd like to identify and research.

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    Reverse Image Search.

    The two search sites that come to mind for me are:

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    Reverse Image Search.

    If your images are hosted on a site or if the images reside anywhere on the Internet, you can do a Google search, and Google will return the exact matches as well as similar images.

    For example, you can right click on the pictures (avatars) on this page and select 'Search Google for this image"

    Here are the results of searching Google for your bunny avatar.

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    Reverse Image Search.

    Google images lets you upload an image and it will find similar images, although similar doesn't always mean relevant. It identifies subject matter by colours and types of shapes in an image, it sometimes finds "similar images" which are about as far removed in terms of what the thing physically is as can be imagined. It will work for any image you upload, but if those uploaded images do not exist elsewhere on the internet then it will be even less accurate. The accuracy of the system improves over time, the more data google has pass through it the more chances for these algorithms to learn to spot patterns. Maybe one day you will be able to upload any photograph of something and google will be able to recognise it exactly. For now though I suspect that google's image processing algorithms will think that one vintage item (try with a picture of a know type of rare old vehicle or something) looks much like another.

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    Reverse Image Search.

    Thanks for your imput rp88: I was able to find an Antique Furniture Value Lookup site which may be of help, but I'm also going to give Google images a shot as well. I think it's worth seeing if the query offers similar matches based on colours & shape types.

    I realize now, after posting, that intuitivness is still in the early days mode and thinking further, I'm not sure I ever want Hal to read my mind.

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