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Thread: Need help updating Office 2016

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    Need help updating Office 2016

    I have a laptop with Windows 10. I purchased and installed Office 2016 I figured out how to update windows but don't think office is being updated. How do I update 2016?

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    Need help updating Office 2016

    John I'm afraid that link doesn't work. Opps it does when I click on your post. But when I tried inputting it ,it wouldn't.

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    Need help updating Office 2016

    Not sue which Browser you use. For IE-11, once a Hyperlink is provided, it will appear blue in color, this means it's an active Hyperlink. Simply click on the Hyperlink to open. Once open, you can save it for later viewing by clicking on "Favorites" on the Menu Bar, and select Add to Favorites. If instead, you want to save the Hyperlink to the Favorites Bar for quick viewing, just click on the yellow star with the green arrow which is also located on the Menu Bar. If you don't see the Menu Bar or Favorite Bar, right click on the top of your IE-11 Browser, a menu will open. You will see Menu Bar, Favorites Bar, Command Bar, and Status Bar. Click on each to select it to display. Every time to select one from the list, the list will close. Just go back and keep right clicking on the top of the Browser to reopen this menu.

    Be sure to save that link, there is a lot of information there.

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    Need help updating Office 2016

    WilliamP458. To add further information, you can check on when Office updated last, if you have Office Automatic Updates operating, by opening Control Panel, select Programs & Features & scroll down to Microsoft Office & you will see when it last updated & the version of the update.

    Also note that Office 2016 updates run in the back ground & it does not notify you of when it's updating or that updates have occurred, so it's best to have automatic updates set, so you don't forget to update. I use Office 2013 & it works the same way & I have it set for automatic updates, but I do check occasionally to see that it has updated automatically & it always has

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