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Thread: Windows 10 reinstall

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    Windows 10 reinstall

    Has only done a Windows 10 reinstall from a PC that was originally a Win8.1 machine?

    Can you just install Windows 10 straight from an ISO and log into your MS account to activate it or do you need to upgrade from 8.1?

    I'm planning on doing a fresh install at the end of the month, so just want to plan ahead

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    Windows 10 reinstall

    For the last several windows 7 fixes I have done. I did clean install of windows 7 sp1 and activated. Reboot then got the media creation tool and made usb drive with it. Installed and activated with out a hitch.

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    Windows 10 reinstall

    With the latest update, you can do a clean install with your windows 7, 8 or 8.1 key No need to do an upgrade

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    Windows 10 reinstall

    There's no such thing as "logging into your Microsoft account to activate". I've read that here on multiple occasions and it's completely untrue.

    If you have already done the Windows 10 upgrade on the machine, you just need to reinstall and skip the screen for product keys. That's it.

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    I just did this but it was a no go. I used the media creation tool to make a new USB key. Then I installed and tried the key on the bottom of an old laptop, a 7 key I know was never used for a 10 upgrade. It won't activate the install. Very frustrated. Anyone else run into this?

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