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Thread: Battlefront: A Gamer Game for Non-Gamers?

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    Battlefront: A Gamer Game for Non-Gamers?

    Excited about getting down to play Star Wars: Battlefront soon... Given that I am crusty and old, I am terrible, generally speaking, at games like this and am put off games very early in the process because of the skill level that generally persists on online gaming servers (much higher than mine). I get bored getting mowed within seconds of spawn constantly.
    From what I'm reading about Battlefront, it seems that it might be a more "forgiving" game, one released to be of wider interest. And that the game was released with an eye to this: making it less exacting, more likely that a non-game-expert could pick it up and enjoy it.
    If you've been playing this game, no matter your skill level, what's your impression of it? Was it simplified too much to allow those with lesser skill levels to enjoy it? Or not enough? Or did EA perform a miracle and balance on that fine-line and get it right?

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    Battlefront: A Gamer Game for Non-Gamers?

    The unlock system has been drastically simplified compared to BF4 and COD; and although a lot of players would rather be able to customise the guns to their exact play style ( myself included ) this makes weapon/perks a lot easier to digest and less daunting for casual players
    You also can’t have more than 2 player ‘squads’ so this eliminates well organised, communicative 4-5 player squads owning public matches.
    I think while this game is easier to jump into and play, there is still a considerable skill curve to keep people playing the game. I’ve put a ton of hours into BF4 and I still really enjoy the game.
    Also, split screen co-op is great

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    Battlefront: A Gamer Game for Non-Gamers?

    The two-person squads and generic weapon choices do seem more conducive for a "pick-up" game sort of experience, for sure. Thanks!

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    Battlefront: A Gamer Game for Non-Gamers?

    Anything takes practice, and it sounds like practice on Battlefront may be more fun for a completely new player…maybe that leads to more likely candidates for "graduation" into more complex games, larger player pool, and so on. Sounds right up my alley so far!

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    Battlefront: A Gamer Game for Non-Gamers?

    I’ve avoided the COD titles because in my eye it’s a big time investment to upgrade my status to have better load-outs and stuff. I liked the older Halo titles because of their simplicity in this regard – only a few sets of weapon, keeping it fair amongst everyone.
    When I want to put time into a game I will (i.e Arkham series, Fallout). For Star Wars Battlefront, this easy to pickup and play was a big attraction since lately I only have maybe 40 minutes free to game in a day.
    The second reason for me was Squadron Battles… I have yet to play another mode since Tuesday. I am hopelessly obsessed with aerial dog fights and they got everything right here. With headphones on and the camera switched to cockpit view, I feel completely immersed in the Star Wars world.

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