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Thread: Highly recommend Life is Strange

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    Highly recommend Life is Strange

    I just finished Life is Strange (PC version) after the release of Episode 5 last night.
    It is the game of the year for me, absolutely incredible. Great characters, great music and intense decisions. It's an awesome game to do in chunks if you don't have the time, especially since you'll have lots of time to think about your actions.

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    Highly recommend Life is Strange

    I watched the first episode and it looked great. I really didn’t pay a lot of attention because I thought I’d be walking away with a free copy, but alas I didn’t win it.

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    Highly recommend Life is Strange

    I have to agree. I loved it. Not every bit of it, but the bits that grabbed me really grabbed me.
    I played through most of the first episode after it was released, then binged on the rest of it last weekend. When I got to the end, to that final choice, I was furious. I thought I hated the game. I put zero thought into that final decision, thinking ‘I no longer give a shit’…

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