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Thread: Cloud Storage options

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    Cloud Storage options

    Hi guys,
    I'm looking for a solid cloud storage option and i'm stuck. I have been using dropbox for years to back-up and sync all of my important files (mainly college stuff) across all my devices. Two years ago I got about 20gigs for free through this Space Race thing, but in two weeks that extra space will be taken away from me, which means I will have to upgrade to a paid storage service. Which is fine by the way, I just want to subscribe to the best/most appropriate one for me.

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    Cloud Storage options

    Dropbox is a good option because I have already been using it for years. 1TB will cost €7,- a month. iCloud is an option because I am fully integrated into the Apple ecosystem (MacBook Air, iPhone, iPad). OneDrive is a nice option because it includes a license for Office 365, which is nice, because I use Word, Powerpoint, and Excel regularly (i currently have Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac). This will cost €7,- a month for 1TB and a Office 365 Home license for one user. For 10,- a month i can get a license for five users.

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    Cloud Storage options

    I would also finally like to get organized, and back up all of my photos in the cloud (so I don’t need to store all of them on my laptop anymore)

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    Cloud Storage options

    I’d say stick with Dropbox or go with OneDrive. iCloud is very limited in what you can do with it imo. The fact you use OneNote points me towards suggesting OneDrive though. You’ll also get more free storage than Dropbox with OneDrive and better integration with Office. There’s also an extra bit of free storage for enabling photo backup.

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    Cloud Storage options

    My recommendation to you is this: figure out what exactly you want from your cloud storage. You use only Apple devices, so have you tried replacing Office with iWork? Or Google Docs/Sheets/etc. if you’re online?
    Then you can forget about the fluff and focus on the cloud storage on its own, see which one works best for your needs. At this point I don’t think either OneDrive or Dropbox are going anywhere in the foreseeable future, so I would worry more about quality of service than future-proofing when considering these particular options.
    The other trap I fell into is focusing too much on freebies. For me, cloud storage is an integral part of my business, so I really don’t care how much they give me for free because I’ll be paying for their best service anyway—that shifts the conversation from "look, you get all these freebies if you’ll just use our service!" to "Our service is the most reliable, quick, and ubiquitous. And it will cost you this much." I much prefer the latter.

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