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Thread: Red "x" Where Gifs Should Be

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    Red "x" Where Gifs Should Be


    I fear my brain is becoming scrambled with this problem.

    I have built a couple of web sites the menus of which use gif images in the shape of little black arrows to indicate a sub menu. Using Internet Explorer 7, yesterday I noticed on both sites Red X's appearing instead of the arrows. The sites are

    Midlands & Northern Ridgeback Resue
    Mwenga Rhodesian Ridgebacks

    The menus for both these sites are by Milonic. Knowing that the arrow gifs were hosted on a their server I assumed that they had perhaps moved the gifs to a different location. I thought I may just as well uploady the arrow gif to the server hosting the Midlands & Northern Ridgeback Rescue Site which would should cure the problem, and it did. The Mwenga Rhodesian Ridgebacks Site still has it's arrow gifs hosted at Milonic and for that site I still see the red x's.

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    Red "x" Where Gifs Should Be

    I have tested both sites on my computer in Firefox and Opera also. All is well at the Midlands & Northern Site but at the Mwenga Rhodesian Ridgeback Site instead of arrow gifs, in Firefox I see nothing in their place and Opera the word "image" appears.

    I am running
    Win XP Home Edition SP2,
    Avg 8.0 Free,
    Spyware Blaster 4.1 which is up to date
    Spybot Search & Destroy 1.5.2
    Sygate Personal Firewall.

    I did run a Windows Live Scan a couple of days back which cleaned up my registry! However, I think the sites were running OK after that but not 100% sure.

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    Red "x" Where Gifs Should Be

    I would be grateful if someone could provide an explanation and solution to this problem.

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    Red "x" Where Gifs Should Be

    I have been through and tried most of the things on that site but without success. In fact the "red x's" have disappeared in IE so now I have the same display as in Firefox, no indication at all of a sub menu. The thing is most of the fixes I tried are specific to IE but I have the same problem with Firefox and Opera. Very Strange.

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    Red "x" Where Gifs Should Be

    I think I've kind of cracked this.

    I've checked with a few people and they are having the same problem with the web site as I am. It seems that it is my wife's computer that is out of step. Why that should be I have no idea except she is running Norton Security and nobody else is!

    I've changed the location of the gif images so hopefully all will be OK when they are uploaded.

    Thanks for your time.

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