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Thread: Psp 9 Question?

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    Psp 9 Question?

    I just downloaded the psp9. if i find some tubes i like , how do i go about downloading them? where do i put them so they will show up in my psp9?


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    Psp 9 Question?

    .tub files are put in the "C:\Program Files\Jasc Software Inc\Paint Shop Pro 9\tubes" folder. Some of the names may be different now that Corel owns PSP or if you chose another folder on installation. Just search for files ending in .tub if you cannot find it.

    You can also make your own tubes which is a lot of fun - I have a write up I can post if you want it.

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    Psp 9 Question?

    are you talking about PSP video9? im an expert on psp's and i just want to tell you that psp video9 sucks compared to all the other encoding programs. PSP video express is a good one, also Modyn's jMEnce.

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    Psp 9 Question?

    I would love for you to post it! thanks!

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    Psp 9 Question?

    This is a guide I wrote while trying to talk a friend through a tutorial on another website, its based on PSP7 but I'd imagine it would transfer to 9 fairly closely. Let me know.

    Making your own tube:
    This example tells you how to make a tube of leaves so you can easily draw trees and potted shrubs.

    Make a new picture 200x200 pixels, 16million colours, transparent background. Resolution set to about 100 pixels per inch.
    Make six leaves
    Create a new layer called FILL for some white fill. (Have you got the layers tool on the standard toolbar?)
    Create a new layer called LEAF to draw in.
    Pick up a green colour from a photo of greenery or from colour swatches you have available. [Save swatches to a folder on your hard drive then open them in PSP and you can use the dropper to pick the colour off them as you go along.]
    Draw a teardrop shape. Different versions of PSP may not have this option in 'Shapes', if not draw an ellipse and distort it or draw it 'by hand'.
    For some reason I couldn't distort the ellipse with the deformation tool so I just outlined my green ellipse and applied a perspective effect (from Effects>Geometric) to turn my ellipse into a leaf/egg shape.
    My leaf is about 60x30 pixels, other tutorials say make them smaller but it would be awfully pixelled if I did that. Pressing on.....
    Make 6 leaves by duplicating the LEAF layer. Use the 'Mover' tool (looks like 4 arrows joined) to move the copy from right on top of the original leaf and set it beside it. Repeat the duplicate and the move until you have six leaves laid out on the white background in two rows of three.

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