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Thread: New Robot for Auto Trading

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    New Robot for Auto Trading


    Today I am going to share my news filter based Scalping robot.
    Please download attaching robot.

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    New Robot for Auto Trading

    Closed Buy 0.1 Lots #EURUSD 1.13147 for +3.0 pips, total for today +36.0 pips

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    New Robot for Auto Trading

    I started testing your EA One thing (maybe a bug) which I noticed is that in the news filter you always have the USD as a second currency even if the pair is something non-USD (like EURCHF).

    Can you also please share some more detailed information about the parameters and if not secret about the logic behind?

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    New Robot for Auto Trading

    From what I have seen so far this EA is going to blow up your account sooner or later. The issue is that it takes very small profits (3 pips default setting) but doesn't use a SL. During sideways movement you might make some profit but when a trend kicks in the EA will accumulate a huge loss. Actually you could write a very simple EA to randomly buy or sell and will achieve the same results: long term you will inevitably suffer a huge loss. Stay away from such EAs.

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