Komodo IDE keeps forgetting my pane placement. For example, I like to have the Code tab in my left pane, so I move it there. There are left-pane tabs I don't want to see so I move them to the right pane to get rid of them by minimizing the right pane (I cannot find a menu item that will simply let me hide a given tab).
So after going through all this effort to place the left/right pane tabs where I want them, if Komodo subsequently exits abnormally due to a system shutdown or crash, it reverts to the default pane placements. Shouldn't my pane placements be in a configuration file where it can remember them?
This has been a persistent problem in version 9 and 10 and I keep hoping for a fix. I could not find an related issue ticket in the GitHub, although there is one related to remembering tab order.