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Thread: Word 2007 Keeps Crashing

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    Word 2007 Keeps Crashing

    So I'm sitting here writing the answer to a question for class, and I've gotten so into it that I've got almost a full page and I haven't saved it yet, and so I click save. Then the program crashes. It restarts and offers me the chance to recover my file. So I click the file, and it crashes again! I've done this 15 times or so now. I've even rebooted the computer, and no matter what happens, Word keeps crashing as soon as I click the file!

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    Word 2007 Keeps Crashing

    Problem fixed.

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    Word 2007 Keeps Crashing

    How did you fix the problem? Others might have the same problem and your solution could save them a lot of time (not to mention destroying their computer with a sledgehammer in a fit of rage).

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    Word 2007 Keeps Crashing

    First of all, is that Chesterton you have as your avatar?

    Second, here's how I fixed the problem:

    I figured out that it was a template issue, because when I created a new document in a different template, Word didn't crash. So I found my normal template file, which was corrupted with malicious macros, deleted it, and then re-started Word, which then re-created the normal template, and now everything seems to be fine.

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    Word 2007 Keeps Crashing

    That problem came back...several times. It comes back at least once a week. Can anyone help??

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