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Thread: Excel 2003, + Printing Problems

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    Excel 2003, + Printing Problems

    Okay, this is a wierd one. First, the stats:

    Home made computer, Gigabyte Motherboard, 3 GHz P4, 512 MB DDR, Windows XP Pro, Office 2003 Pro, Printer is an HP DeskJet 820 Cse

    Problem seems to be recent. May be tied to a specific file (or 1 of 2) in Excel. Computer has been scanned with Norton with up-to-date definitions - no problems found. Also, Adware Remover Gold, Spybot, and HijackThis - some problems found and cleaned.

    The systems seems to print fine from Word at first.
    Some older documents in Excel print fine. But, after creating a new Excel file, or opening a couple specific files, most things in Excel no longer print, including anything new. After that, anything new created in Word, WordPad, or get this - Notepad, will not print. Oddly, email from AOL still prints okay, and so it seems at least existing files from Word, and some (but not all) existing files in Excel. But - nothing newly created.

    Now, as further description, it's not like the printer just doesn't work. It "acts" like it's printing - all the movement and sounds like it's printing. Even takes the same amount of time. Just, no ink lies down on the page.

    I've already tried some troubleshooting. Uninstalled and reinstalled Excel, since that seems to be the constant. I know there are updates for Office that haven't been installed, and I will be taking care of that. But, I wanted to get this question posted first, as we are still on dial-up here - so the updates are likely to go all night into the morning.

    If anyone has encountered something similar, or has any ideas, please let me know. If the problem seems to correct itself after the updates, I will post that here.


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    Excel 2003, + Printing Problems

    Have you tried re-installing you printer?

    If your going to update your office with dialup it's about 75MB and will take all night.

    I reckon there's no problem with Office or Windows. it might be something to do with your printer. You could try contacting you printer maker to see if they have any idea.

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    Excel 2003, + Printing Problems

    Yeah, thanks. The printer has been reinstalled. As far as print drivers are concerned, HP's website says to just use XP drivers... They don't provide drivers for XP from their website, nor that special HP Toolbox software if you say you have XP. I suppose I could say I have an older OS to see if I can download the Toolbox software.

    Updates have all been done, as well, now, and the problem persists. Now have additional info. We have an old copy of WordPerfect that is still used occasionally to create labels. Well, at least newly created docs from it won't print out either - just like Excel.

    I imagine contacting HP directly won't help much for a printer that is, several years old. I know we won't be paying $35 for a fifteen minute tech call. Might try email.

    I also originally thought it was the printer. But, it is a basic printer, as far as memory and processing is concerned. It's all handled on the PC. So, since somethings print fine, and others - of the same file types and in the same apps, do not print - I still think it's something on the computer side of the printer-cable.

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    Excel 2003, + Printing Problems

    Well i can only recomend getting a new printer. they start from $89 but depending on what you are wanting you may want one for a better quality print. Old printer can sometimes can't support new software and is why we need to update. i know people who still use Windows 95 because they don't want the new XP. but they have trouble with new programs that won't work. So if problem still happens. i'd get another printer. i got a Canon all in one (Print/Scan/Copy) $179 and get a very good text print. and even colour isn't too bad as long as you use the right paper - Canon paper for a Canon printer. But it's all up to you. Good Luck.

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    Excel 2003, + Printing Problems

    1. Since you mention that you can see the printer going throught the motions of printing, can we assume there is something to print in some of those Excel files? that it's not a blank worksheet.
    2. Can we assume you can do print preview and see the contents of the worksheet?

    Perhaps you can pin it down by comparing printout setting for old and new Excel file, as follows:
    Main menu: File, Page setup, select Page tab, Options, Advanced - take a note of all the settings. Are there differences between the documents that print and those that don't? If so, some could point you into what to change, MAYBE

    Going further, I'd look into the printer settings on the IE side. Perhaps something there broke your printer.

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